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Our team does our best to make you feel comfortable when visiting us. We talk you through each procedure and always stop if you need a break. We also take pride in providing you with the best care possible and surround you with comforting amenities so you feel relaxed during your time with us. For those who still find a trip to the dentist unnerving, we do have dentistry sedation available, which is safe and very effective at making patients feel calm.

How It Works
The sedative is ingested or inhaled before your treatment begins— this way you will feel sleepy during the process, but not unconscious. The sedative works well for those who are having multiple treatments during one visit or having a complex procedure such as having a complete smile makeover. During the time that you are sedated but not unconscious, you'll just feel sleepy and relaxed. There will also not be any pain during your time under sedation, and we will complete your treatment without disturbing your calming effects.

If a patient feels that sedation is the right choice, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Barker. Then, Dr. Barker will review your medical history with you and make sure that everything is ready to go the day of your procedure. If approved for sedation, it is complimentary with your treatment.

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Testimonial: "Dr Barker made everything completely painless. I slept and woke-up with a brand new smile that everyone in my family loves...especially me! Thanks again to you and your staff!"  Susan J. •  2012