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Get ready to bond—dental bond, that is. If you have had a chipped or cracked tooth or maybe just wanted to close a gap between two teeth, then bonding is the answer for you! The ultimate goal of bonding is to recreate the look of your natural tooth and perfect your smile again!

How to Bond 
Bonding basically involves roughing up the area of the tooth to be treated. Then, a liquid that will condition the area is applied. By completing these two steps, the tooth and the material bond together. The substance is then smoothed, molded and shaped to its desired fit. Then, the material is hardened and further molded. You won't typically have to worry about going under anesthesia for dental bonding unless the work is being done to fill a cavity.

Should I Get a Dental Bond?
If you have been concerned about a particular tooth's length, color, spacing or shape, or worried that a tooth is decaying, then a bond could be just the fix you need! Another advantage to bonding is it can be performed in one visit versus multiple appointments. Plus, your treatment will last a long time—recent progression in the dental field has lead to better development of bonding materials, which has increased the strength and durability of the product.

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