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Zoom!® Teeth Whitening - A Celebrity Smile in an hour or less!

Ever wonder how the actor or beautiful cover model have such beautiful white teeth? Odds are they weren't born that way! Beautiful, pearly whites take work, but they're worth it!

Girl with Beautiful Teeth - Houston Home Whitening Tray

Whitening Offer - Houston Home Whitening Tray

Get the Whitest Teeth In 1 Hour Or Less!
Zoom Whitening is the revolutionary in-office whitening system that quickly and effortlessly turns a dull, lifeless smile into a Hollywood smile that is up to 11 shades whiter!

Benefits of Zoom! Whitening
Maybe it's been bothering you for years—that stain on your front tooth or the discoloration that has plagued your bottom teeth and always seems to show up in pictures. Whether your teeth have stains or just appear duller than you would like them to, our Zoom! whitening system is a great way to get your teeth looking fabulous again—all completed in an hour or less! Once your lips and gums are safely covered, a patented Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to your teeth. The Zoom light then penetrates the teeth to break up stains and and possible discoloration. Best of all, during the whole process you are free to relax, watch TV or just listen to music while your teeth get whiter and brighter with each passing minute.

Call Us  Today and Save $350 on Zoom!
If you've never whitened your teeth before, now is a great time to start. Right now, we are offering a special savings on all Zoom! 1 hour whitening treatments. Now is the time to make your smile the best it can be and save hundreds in the process. 

Try a Zoom Teeth whitening today! Call for more information. We proudly serve patients throughout Houston, Katy, Cypress, The Grove, Northglen, Seven Meadows, Cinco Ranch, Sugar Land .