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A dental implant can truly impact your smile! A dazzling grin is attainable thanks to the power of implants—they will change the way you show your teeth to the world!

What are Implants?
Implants are constructed to be a foundation source for replacement teeth that look and feel like the original, natural tooth. The implant itself is made of a small titanium post that is put into the jawbone where the tooth is missing. The bone of the tooth will then bond to the titanium, thus creating a strong base for the artificial tooth to be put on. When the entire implant process is complete, your new tooth will look just like the rest of your teeth, evoking a confidence and a bigger smile than you ever had before!

The Results of Implants
People who have received implants are able to smile, laugh, talk, eat, drink and enjoy life to a higher standard because they no longer have to worry about their smile. The implants also help preserve the health of the facial structure by creating a natural look to the mouth, preventing bone loss and keeping the structure of the face intact. In addition to the many health benefits, many patients feel that their self-confidence is also improved.

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